The Bedford 2020 Energize Community Challenge

Bedford 2020 is giving away $10,000 to fund green projects in our community through the Energize Community Challenge.

Does your organization have a green project?

Contact us to sign up for the Energize Community Challenge, and you and your supporters
can win a grant for your cause while saving money, conserving energy, and doing good for the community.

There are many ways to earn points -- we encourage organizations to strategize on how to collect the most points and lead supporters to become more energy efficient in their homes by both getting comprehensive assessments of their energy use and following up with individualized home improvements.

Earn the most points, and your project will be funded!

Action Hero Award 1st Place

$4,000 For the organization with the most points as of 5:00 pm June 30, 2012

Fantastic Finish Award 2nd place

$2,500 For the organization with the second-most points as of 5:00 pm on June 30, 2012

Creative Genius Award – $500

A special prize awarded by the Bedford 2020 Board to the organization demonstrating the most creative effort to engage residents in home energy assessments and upgrades as of June 30, 2012

Let your friends, supporters and customers know! Ask them to assign their points
to your organization or business.

The race is on - and any organization can still win!

For more information call Mary Beth Kass (914) 232-3044

ECC Highlights: Contest ends June 30th 2012!

Highest number of points will win the contest with minimum number of home upgrades:

25 Home upgrades minimum for 1st prize,
20 Home upgrades minimum for 2nd prize

ECC contestant hosted Energize Educational workshop - 10 points

Contestant member/supporter comprehensive home assessment -- 2 points

Contestant member/supporter home upgrade -- 5 points

Contestant "leaders" assessment (Exec Director, Board Member, Staff, Officers,
etc) -- 4 points

Contestant "leaders" upgrade (Exec Director, Board Member, Staff, Officers,
etc) -- 10 points

Assessment House Party (min 5 people. Contact us for how-to and more info) -- 10 points

Contestant leader hosted event to share post upgrade experience -- 10 points

Energize/B2020 link on ECC contestant website homepage- 2 points for each

Include blurb about Energize in Contestant's newsletter/eblasts -- 5 points

Include testimonial PR about Contestant leader's experience in
newsletter/eblast -- 10 points