Apply for your free home energy assessment

Before you start

Eligibility requirements for NYSERDA Home Performance with ENERGY STAR assessments 

To receive a free or subsidized home energy assessment, individuals will need to complete an application that is submitted to NYSERDA. Owners of commercial or nonprofit residential properties should call Energize NY for application instructions.

Comprehensive Home Assessments are free or low-cost for most New Yorkers. You must meet these requirements:

  • Your household income must be less $431,600
  • The property must be a single family home, or 1-4 unit residential building.
  • Only 1 free/low-cost assessment per property.
  • You must provide a 12-24 month summary of the energy usage for your building. If you do not have access to a full year of data, you can provide the data you have, along with proof of the date of purchase for your home, unit, or building.

What happens if you don't qualify?

If you don’t qualify for a free/reduced cost assessment, you can still have a Comprehensive Home Assessment at the market rate cost. Contact a contractor from the Comfort Corp to set up an appointment. You are still eligible for state sponsored incentives, low-cost financing and tax credits. 

Get ready:

  • Have your electric, gas and oil bills handy as the application requires your account numbers. You'll be asked to attach your annual electrical and gas (if applicable) usage, which you can download from your provider's website (Con Ed or NYSEG), or you may call and have them send this information. If you use oil to heat, you will have to provide an estimate of yearly usage. If you do not have a full year of data because you purchased your home within the last 12 months, your fuel is provided by various suppliers, and/or you do not have access to usage data, no problem, you’ll just need to fill out the energy usage history waiver form. 


How to Get Your Utility History- NYSEG How to Get Your Utility History- Con Edison
  • Identify your total household income. You'll have to select an income bracket. This is used to identify the applicable subsidy for your home. Scroll down the application to identify the appropriate category.

Download these handy Application Preparation Instructions in English or in Spanish

Application Instructions  Para Preparar Su Solicitud

How to apply

After you have assembled your utility usage information, you should choose a contractor. Go to your Energize home page and click on the “Find a Contractor” link just above the “Sign Up” button in middle of page. See our guide “Interview Questions for Hiring the Right Home Performance Professional”

Next, Sign up for Energize and apply online!

Why it's free or heavily subsidized

New York wants you to save money, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and reduce green house gas emissions!

To do this, until funding runs out, New York State will pay for all or part of your home energy assessment with an accredited Home Performance Professional. In addition, on home upgrades that reduce your energy use, you may be eligible for financing as low as 3.49% that you can repay directly through your utility bill with your energy savings!

If anything, here is what you'll pay

The cost of your assessment is based on your yearly household income.

If your home is single family and under 3500 sq ft and your household income is...

  • Up to $215,800 → you pay $0.  It’s free
  • From $215,801 to $269,750 → you pay $50
  • From $269,751 to $323,700 → you pay $100
  • From $323,701 to $377,650 → you pay $150
  • From $377,651 to $431,600 → you pay $200
  • Above $431,600 → you pay market rate

For single-family homes over 3500 sq ft, and 2-4 unit dwellings, please call our office for sliding scale rates. (914) 302-7300.

If you do not qualify for a full subsidy, you will pay the subsidized price to the contractor at the time of the assessment. You do not need to send any payment with your application.

Utility Waiver Form

If you do not have access to utility bills, NYSERDA provides you with an option to fill out a Utility Waiver Form. Please download and sign this form, and include with your application for the GJGNY subsidized assessment.

What happens after you apply

1. You will receive a reservation number from NYSERDA. It typically takes 2-3 days to process the application (unless your application is incomplete).

2. You will give this reservation number to the Home Performance Professional of your choice. Each Home Performance Professional is accredited by the Building Performance Institute, to conduct comprehensive home energy assessments through NYSERDA's program. They will need your reservation number to get paid for the home assessment.

3. You'll receive a best-in-class home energy assessment through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.